Dermology Cellulite Solution Cream Review

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There are many different anti-cellulite creams, available online and in stores. So, sometimes it can be difficult to choose one. If you want to learn if Dermology Cellulite Solution work, please keep on reading.

Dermology Cellulite Solution is one of the few anti cellulite creams that I was happy with. Actually, A woman applying a cellulite cream on her bodybefore I discovered Revitol, Dermology had been my only anti cellulite cream. It still would be, if not for the small size of the bottle.

The cream works, but the bottle is small, so to see the results, that usually start to appear after 4-5 weeks, I needed 2 bottles of Dermology. And I’m not a big woman. If you’re bigger than I, you might need 3 bottles. That was for me the main problem with the cream. I didn’t know it would be like that and I didn’t know that I can get 2 free bottles, so I spent too much.

Actually, now I know that if you order 3 bottles directly from Dermology, you’ll get extra 2 free bottles. That will cost you total $140.74 for five 5 bottles ($28.15 per bottle) and 5 bottles will keep you free from cellulite for a long time, or maybe even forever if you also exercise and eat the right foods.

Dermology Cellulite Solution does not work for everyone I’ve heard and I’m not surprised about it. If you eat bad foods and you don’t exercise, there’s no cream that will get rid you of cellulite forever. Some people can get rid of cellulite by using creams for some time, and some people can only make the cellulite slightly less visible, but the cellulite won’t be completely gone. I used to buy cellulite creams when I wanted to speed up the effects of exercise and dieting. But it’s because of these exercises and diet that I got rid of cellulite for good. So, if you need to get some visible results quickly, then Dermology or another good cellulite cream is a good idea.

How It Works

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When you apply Dermology, it goes deeply into your cells and its active ingredients make the ugly bumps and lumps appear smaller with time. One of the main ingredients that works, is caffeine. The great think about Dermology cream is that it gives very pleasant cooling sensation to the skin. It’s really quite pleasant, especially in the hot climate, like where I live. The cream gets absorbed quite quickly and it does not leave any smudges on the skin.


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Dermology Cellulite Solution is made from natural ingredients, which is very important, because you should never buy the ones with a lot of chemicals. There are quite many ingredients in Dermology that come from different plants. You can find all of the ingredients on the manufacturer’s website here.

Summary – Main Pros and Cons of Dermology

The good things about the cream is that it does work for many women and it’s a very pleasant cream to apply. Also, it is made from the natural ingredients.

The bad thing is that the bottles are small and you need more than 1 bottle to see the results. Fortunately, you can order directly from Dermology and get 2 free bottles if you order 3 bottles (I mentioned the cost above) or you can order 2 bottles and get 1 bottle for free, which would cost you total $93.89 ($31.30 per bottle).

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Dermology Cellulite Solution




Effectiveness for Cellulite



  • It works
  • Natural ingredients
  • Order 3 bottles, Get 2 free bottles


  • You need more than 1 bottle
  • Can be purchased online only


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    Thank you for this review of Dermology! I have been searching about cellulite creams for a while now and Dermology seems like a good option. I didn’t even know that caffeine would help with cellulite! Learn something new every day. Thanks for all the details, I think I’m going to get the three bottles and 2 free. Seems like a great deal! Thanks again!

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    No doubt that the best antidote for any cellulite is proper diet and exercise. I would imagine creams like this, that I have seen before, are like the icing on the cake. Whoops, bad analogy but you get my drift. It does look like a good cream and obviously has safe and natural ingredients which is a bonus for users. Interesting that caffine is one of the main ingredients. Ironically I find that if I have a cup of coffee before I go to the gym my motivation levels go through the roof!

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    I haven’t tried the product yet as I’ve never got cellulite ever. Touch wood… 🙂 Anyways, though I haven’t used the same, I have heard a lot about the same. And the review above has made it easy to understand this. Thanks

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