Cellulite in Men – How Men Can Get Rid of Cellulite

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If you are a man that has cellulite, don’t despair. It’s much easier for men to get rid of cellulite than for women. If you apply the methods recommended below, you’ll certainly get rid of cellulite.

The Causes of Cellulite in Men and the Difference Between Cellulite in Men and in Women

03A18399Most of the advice and tips on this website are for women, because women usually have problems with cellulite. Fortunately for men, because they have more testosterone than estrogen, they seldom have cellulite problems. Men also have thicker skin, so cellulite isn’t as visible in men as in women. But, unfortunately some men also have cellulite.

Some men have cellulite because of undergoing estrogen therapy for prostate cancer. Though some slim women also have cellulite, the cellulite in men occurs mostly in overweight men. Also, unlike in women who have cellulite mostly on thighs, legs and but, the men have mostly cellulite around their waistlines and in abdomen areas. The bodies of women with cellulite problem are usually pear shaped. The bodies of men with cellulite problem are usually apple shaped.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite in Men

Because the cellulite appears mostly in obese men, to get rid of the cellulite they need to lose some weight. Usually by losing weight men can automatically also get rid of cellulite. There are two best ways for men to get rid of cellulite:

1. Diet A big man eating a capsicorn

Dieting is very important to burn fat and kill the cellulite in men. I don’t think that without healthy diet men can lose cellulite. To lose cellulite, it is necessary to avoid all kinds of junk food and limit the consumption of fat and sugar, mostly vegetables and fruit should be consumed. The same 6 cellulite fighting foods that work for women, work for men too. You can read about the foods here.

2. Exercise

The same as the diet, the exercise is necessary to get rid of the cellulite. It does not mean that you need to spend hours in the gym or buy some expensive exercise equipment. You can start with walking. Try to walk more. Instead of using an escalator or elevator, you can use the stairs. A man is doing push ups
After you become stronger, you can start jogging and gradually increase the time you’re jogging. Another great exercise is swimming. Cycling is also great. If you’re looking for more exercises to kill the cellulite, you can use the same exercises that are recommended for women.

3. Cellulite Cream

To get rid of cellulite fast you can also use some cellulite creams. Although the diet and exercise are the most important for men, to get rid of cellulite, a good cream can speed up the process significantly.

But, before you buy the cream, check if it’s suitable for men too. Some cellulite creams are only for women. One of the best cellulite creams for both men and women on the market is the Revitol Cellulite Solution.

Revitol Cellulite Solution


Generally, it is easier for men to get rid of cellulite, so they’re luckier in this case. But still the cellulite won’t go away on its own if you eat bad foods and aren’t physically active enough. You really need to start eating healthy foods and you must exercise.

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    Hey Sandy, thanks for the article about cellulite in men and women and how they are different from each other. I never knew that before.
    I am going to share your page with my husband as he has very bad eating habits with little to no exercise. He must be going to happy to know that men can easily get rid of cellulite than women. lol.
    I have the food listed out here to loose cellulite.
    I hope this time my husband will follow these thing to come back in shape 🙂

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      Hi Sangeeta,

      You’re welcome. I’m sure your husband can do it.


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    I am a thin woman, but I have noticed cellulite since I was a teenager. It’s always been so frustrating. I wish I could get rid of it as easily as a man can! I already have the diet and exercise thing down. It is so important for your overall health, but if cellulite is the motivation you need to get healthier, take it!
    Great site and wonderful information. Keep it coming.

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      Thank you for your nice comment, Candace.

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    Interesting article here, I genuinely thought that cellulite was a woman only thing.

    nice to hear the reasons why cellulite can occur and how eating properly can even help men to get rid of the condition.

    If you put too much weight on, does the cellulite actually go if you lose the weight again?

    1. // Reply


      In case of cellulite in men, the cellulite usually is gone after losing weight. In case of cellulite in women, not necessarily. The cause of cellulite in women are usually weak muscle fibers under the skin, not fat. That’s why often slim women also have cellulite. It’s well explained on this page: 5 Critical Keys to Kill Your Cellulite.

      Thanks for the comment,


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