Does Cellulite Removal Surgery Work and Is It Worth the Money?

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Many women want to get rid of cellulite fast and easily, so they consider cellulite removal surgery like liposuction the best cellulite reduction option. Is it really the best option?

Procedure for women hip against cellulite and fat

We live in a society that expects instant results. The same thing is with cellulite. We women want to look attractive and to be self-confident.

Going to the beach and wearing bikini with the cellulite on legs isn’t a pleasant view and it can decrease self-confidence of many women. So, we want to get rid of cellulite fast and at any cost.

One of my friends who struggles with cellulite and doesn’t want to give up her junk food and always says she has no time for any exercise and that she hates walking, would love to get rid of her cellulite. So, she asked me what about cellulite removal surgery?

She read on the internet about different cellulite removal surgeries and found out that they promise great results just after one treatment. She showed me one of such websites and the website made me laugh. They promptly say that there is no other way to get rid of cellulite, but with their cellulite removal surgery. They say that diets don’t work and that exercise doesn’t work either. I laughed because I got rid of cellulite with diet and exercise. I did try some laser massage therapies, but the cellulite was reduced only a little after many weeks of treatments and came back a few weeks after I stopped the treatments. The only thing that was significantly reduced was the money in my account, because the treatments were quite expensive. Since then, I have sworn no more expensive treatments and I fought cellulite mostly with diet and exercise. I did use some creams too, and some of them gave me some good results too, when combined together with diet and exercise.

So, I know that diet and exercise do work, but the clinics won’t make much money on them, so they are trying to convince us that their expensive treatments are the only way to reduce cellulite. But’ let’s get back to cellulite removal surgery.


The most popular cellulite removal surgery is liposuction. When you try to find out about the risks of such surgeries on the website of some clinics, they say that they will take precautions to minimize any risks. According to the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) the effects of liposuction on cellulite are not permanent and actually the appearance of the cellulite can be even worse after some time when the fat deposits accumulate again. And if someone has no discipline to exercise and eat healthy, then sooner or later the fat deposits will be back, and then the cellulite will look even worse.

Alternatives to Surgery

Another problem is that every surgery carries with it some risks. There’s always a risk that something can go wrong. If you just do a little research online to find about cosmetic surgeries that went wrong, you’ll know what I mean. So, why risk a surgery when it isn’t really necessary? Cellulite isn’t even a medical condition; it’s a fat under the skin that looks ugly. You can actually get rid of cellulite with slow movements created by Joey Atlas, if you don’t want to go jogging or do other more strenuous exercise. Changing your eating habits and including some cellulite fighting foods in your diet will be beneficial to your overall health too. So, there really is no need to have a surgery, spend a lot of money and risk looking even worse after some time.

Anyway, I wanted to write about it, so women can think more about it, before they decide on an impulse to spend a lot of money on some surgeries that promise them instant and lasting results.

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    I agree with you that there is no real need for the surgery because exercising enough, eating and sleeping properly will solve the cellulite problems. Well, I don’t have my personal experience but I believe in the natural “treatments” more.

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    Very interesting and informative website. I had no clue that there are different types of cellulite. I personally wouldn’t recommend surgical procedures because of the risks involved, but all the other options listed are better. You mention race being a factor, how does race affect the amount of cellulite in ones body?

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      Some studies say that cellulite is caused by genetic factors and could be influenced by race. I personally agree with Joey Atlas who in his 5 Critical Keys to Kill Your Cellulite article writes that the cellulite is caused by weak muscle fibers under the skin and genetic factors have nothing to do with it.

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