Jennifer Lopez, Her Cellulite Struggle and What We Can Learn from It

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Jennifer Lopez is a very beautiful and successful singer and actress, despite her struggles with cellulite. She is popularly known as J. Lo, and is undoubtedly one of the most successful female Jennifer Lopezentertainment stars of her times.

J. Lo hit the entertainment scene back in 1986 as a dancer. She later became an actor before becoming a singer.

Today she is a top singer, songwriter, actress, producer, fashion designer and television personality just to mention the few hats she wears. She is arguably one of the best female entertainers in the business today, despite being 47 years old (as of May 2016).

Jennifer Lopez Cellulite Struggle

Although J. Lo has been very successful in her entertainment career, her success has come with a fair share of challenges. On the top of J. Lo’s challenges in the entertainment business is her struggle with cellulite. J. Lo has been on the record many times stating that her legs are the most problematic area of her body due to cellulite. Sources close to her attest to this adding that she used to get cellulite on her legs when she added weight. Luckily for her, she found a way to get rid of the problem which explains why most people were surprised when reports of her cellulite struggle first came out.

  1. Lo uses an Australian-made body scrub to deal with her cellulite problem. The body scrub costs $250 per bottle and is reportedly made of ”diamond powder”. She exfoliates her legs daily using the body scrub to keep the cellulite away from her thighs. According to sources close to her, J. Lo no longer has problems dealing with her cellulite thanks to her expensive body scrub. She, however does more than exfoliate her legs to keep the cellulite away.
  2. Lo also tans to make her body scrub last longer. Most importantly, she maintains a strict exercise regimen. According to Tracy Anderson (J. Lo’s personal trainer), J. Lo stays in perfect shape by following a strict portion controlled diet alongside a 90-minute workout per session. The workout session includes muscular structure workouts and between 9 and 13 different exercises which change after every 10 days. According to Tracy Anderson, J. Lo does plenty of planks to keep her butt perfectly toned and in position. She also does dance aerobics to stay in shape and keep cellulite at bay.


There you go. Jennifer Lopez’s secret behind perfectly toned cellulite-free legs and butt is out. J. Lo not only uses expensive anti-cellulite body scrub. She also moisturizes and uses spray tan. J. Lo goes further and complements those products by exercising regularly and maintaining a strict diet. She does planks and muscular structure workouts among other exercises known to get rid of cellulite.

From Jennifer Lopez’s struggle with cellulite, we can learn important lessons about getting rid of cellulite. One of the most important lessons is that anti-cellulite products won’t get rid of cellulite effectively on their own. You need to combine the products with a strict diet and exercise program. Apparently, cellulite affects all women, including celebrities. The most important thing is learning how you deal with the problem safely and effectively. In fact, you don’t need a $250 body scrub like J. Lo. A strict diet and exercise regimen will do the trick. If you’re looking for a certain and inexpensive way of getting rid of cellulite, please read this article and watch the video.

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    Hi Sandy!

    Thank you for your article on J Lo and her cellulite struggle. She has an amazing body! I wish I could afford to do what she does!! Maybe some day….lol. Exercise and eating healthy are two important things to do to help get rid of cellulite. Thanks again for the article!


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    Hi Sandy,

    Great article and the video is fantastic!

    I am a fan of Jennifer Lopez, she is such talented woman, incredibly beautiful creature!

    I don’t know if it’s an excuse, but I would say, I wish I had the money and the time she can afford to herself to have such body!

    However, there is a proverb saying that everything is in the head:) So, yes it can be realisable if we really want to!

    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

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      Hi Daniella,

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and the video. You’re right, we can do it if we really want to.


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