Top 5 Cellulite Essential Oils

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Let’s take a look at essential oils today and learn how they are used to fight cellulite. Specifically, let’s learn about top five essential oils that are the best at fighting cellulite.

Essential Oils and Cellulite

Essential oils are natural oils obtained through distillation. The oils tend to have the characteristics of the source (usually plants) from which they are extracted. Essential oils are popular in many topical treatments because of their renowned skin benefits. They are in fact popular in most, if not all, effective natural cellulite creams/gels. essential oils and medical flowers herbs

Cellulite Essential Oils: How Essential Oils Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite essential oils or simply essential oils which have been tested and proven to have cellulite fighting properties get rid of cellulite in a number of ways. The first and the most common way is their ability to flush toxins out of the body. When the body is free of toxins, the body functions at optimal levels, i.e. the body is able to regulate weight better, prevent diseases, etc. These benefits have a positive impact on skin health and beauty.

Essential oils also offer restorative benefits such as creating a hormonal balance. Considering hormonal imbalances contribute to obesity, essential oils help get rid of cellulite by regulating hormone (estrogen) levels. Essential oils also have diuretic characteristics, i.e. they help prevent water retention which in turn improves the appearance of cellulite. Other benefits of cellulite essential oils include; softening the skin, strengthening connective tissue, protecting the skin from drying and stimulating the tissues.

Top Cellulite Essential Oils

There are many essential oils, however, only a few have been tested and proven to be effective for getting rid of cellulite. They include (but aren’t limited to);

Rosemary Oil

This is one of the top cellulite essential oils today. Rosemary oil is extracted from Rosemary; a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean region. Rosemary oil has been proven to offer circulatory system benefits. The oil also reduces water retention and fights lymphatic system congestion which makes it a great essential oil for fighting cellulite. The essential oil is effective on its own as well as a combination of other essential oils.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit is known to have many health benefits the most notable revolving around detoxification. Grapefruit essential oil has been tested and proven to flush toxins, reducing and eventually stopping the formation of cellulite. The essential oil can be massaged on the affected area or consumed in food. Grapefruit essential oil is also effective in getting rid of cellulite because it contains Vitamin C which is known to be effective in fighting obesity.

Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper essential oil fights cellulite by decreasing water retention. For centuries, Juniper essential oil has been used as a diuretic. The oil has also been tested and proven to purify blood as well as assist to flush out toxins which in turn fights cellulite.

Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil is another notable cellulite essential oil. Being a very strong astringent, the oil helps to boost circulation and prevent fluid retention. The oil also helps to flush toxins out of the body.

Jojoba Essential OilWoman fit fitness female model applying moisturizing body oil lotion. Girl in underwear with moisturizer bottle. Skincare.

Jojoba is known to soften the skin as well as boost skin hydration. These benefits help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The oil is popular as an ingredient in many anti-cellulite creams.


The above information summarizes some of the most important information about cellulite essential oils. Although there may be more to the subject than what is discussed above, the above information is bound to guide you on the right path. It is however important to use the above information as a basis for further research given the fact that there are many other essential oils and most of them work best to fight cellulite collectively in natural anti cellulite creams/gels.

Essential oils are very useful at reducing cellulite and they have renowned skin benefits. Essential oils are natural oils obtained through distillation.

If you want to get rid of cellulite fast though, you can’t depend only on essential oils, you need to also do anti-cellulite exercises and take some anti-cellulite supplements.

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    Hey, Sandy, my wife is often complaining about cellulite and not being able to use certain clothes, I will ask her to read your article, could you tell me which is the best way to use those oils, you just put them once a day? every two days, Do you have a recommendation like in the mornings or before going to sleep?

    Thanks in advance

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      Hey Javier,

      Those oils are usually in cellulite gels and creams. It’s better to use a cellulite cream like Revitol or Dermology, not just pure essential oils. The creams and gels on their own can bring only temporary relief from cellulite. To really get rid of cellulite for good, the best way is with Joey Atlas exercises.

      Thanks for the comment.


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