What Are the Best Treatments for Cellulite That Really Work?

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Cellulite is a very common problem among women and there are a lot of different anti-cellulite treatments and products. Effective treatments are however scarce. Many of the available treatments are very expensive, but don’t work as advertised.

In case you a woman with beautiful legsare looking for the best treatments for cellulite, look no further. I had tried just about everything you can imagine to get rid of my cellulite before I discovered what really works. The surest way to get rid of the cellulite is presented here by Joey Atlas.

Below is a discussion of the most effective treatments for cellulite depending on factors such as severity of cellulite, speed of results and safety.

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A woman exercising to get rid of cellulite

Exercise isn’t exactly a treatment for cellulite, but can easily qualify as one. Exercise can prevent the formation of cellulite and also help get rid of cellulite. Exercise is in fact one of the safest and most effective solutions for cellulite out there today. Exercise is so effective and safe because it naturally gets rid of excess body fat in cellulite prone areas such as the thighs.

Exercise also strengthens the connective tissue and muscles in those areas improving appearance. Exercise has many other benefits that fight cellulite directly and indirectly, i.e., boosting metabolism and circulation. You can do all kinds of exercises targeting cellulite prone areas from walking and jogging to thigh raises and pony kicks. It is also possible to get customized exercise treatment programs that will help you get rid of your cellulite effectively. I wrote more about exercises for cellulite here.

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Anti-cellulite Diets

Dieting is also a part of the best/most effective treatments for cellulite. There are special anti-cellulite diets that act as dietary treatments for cellulite. The diets are packed with foods known to fight cellulite by; reducing fluid retention, burning fat, improving skin health, creating hormonal balance, etc. It’s worth noting that cellulite is common among overweight individuals. Anti-cellulite diets focus mainly on helping you maintain your weight while keeping you healthy. When you eat just enough quantities of the right kinds of food and your body is properly nourished at all times, it becomes harder for you to store fat which in turn reduces your risks of forming cellulite. Anti-cellulite diets contain foods such as avocado, dark berries, lemons, peppers, green tea, olive oil, etc. Click here for more information about anti-cellulite diet.

Natural Topical Cellulite Treatments

Natural topical treatments are also among the best treatments for getting rid of cellulite (especially mild cellulite). One of the fastest and easiest ways of improving the appearance of cellulite is applying a lotion or cream. It is however worth noting that not all creams/lotions will treat cellulite effectively. The best creams/lotions for treating cellulite are packed with natural ingredients such as caffeine, which is known to temporarily tighten the skin and vitamin A which is known to naturally thicken skin with time making cellulite bumps less visible. Other effective ingredients to look out for in the best natural topical treatments for getting rid of cellulite include; Vitamin C and gingko, which are known to improve circulation as well as tighten the skin. Avoid topical treatments with chemical additives and/or artificial chemicals. They cause harmful side effects. My favorite anti cellulite cream is Revitol.

Lasers and Radiofrequency Treatments

If you’re looking for a more long-lasting and safe treatment for cellulite, these treatment options are good. Lasers and radiofrequency treatments for cellulite qualify as the most promising medical therapy treatments for cellulite. The treatments come highly recommended because they are safe and effective in the long-term.  Lasers and radiofrequency treatments for cellulite combine tissue massage, infrared light and radiofrequency technology to get rid of cellulite fast and easy. Results are more long-lasting than natural topical treatments. They can last 6 months.

Alternative Medicine Treatments

Endermologie, also known as lipomassage is also among the best/most effective short-term natural treatments for cellulite. Endermologie, which is simply a vigorous massage works wonders for your cellulite, especially if you have blood flow/circulation problems. This treatment qualifies as one of the best treatments for getting rid of cellulite since it is 100% safe and effective. A vigorous massage on cellulite prone areas will increase blood flow, flush out toxins as well as reduce excess fluid build-up. The treatment can also improve the texture and overall appearance of cellulite. It’s a great short-term treatment.


The above information summaries some of the best treatments for cellulite. The best treatments should be safe and effective for the duration that they are meant for. Natural cellulite treatments are preferable because they don’t cause any side effects. All the above treatments come highly recommended because they will help you get rid of cellulite in the short-term as well as long-term with no harmful effects. Cellulite treatments like liposuction don’t come highly recommended because they can worsen the appearance of cellulite. Furthermore, the above treatments tackle the underlying causes of cellulite.

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    Interesting read. I definitely learned a thing or two here. My wife is always complaining about the cellulite on her thighs, but doesn’t do anything to prevent it. So I figured it is time to learn about it so that I can help her. Now to just make sure I approach her about these items in a positive fashion… wish me luck!

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    All women hate cellulite,it is the worst enemy of women.
    The irony is that cellulite is hereditary.
    The causes are multiple , which include wrong diet, lack of sport and physical inactivity.
    Of course, the effort is worthwhile, only if you know that you are no longer afraid to show your body in the swimsuit.
    A complete article showing that cellulite can not be defeated with only one method, it made me pleasure to read it.

    1. // Reply

      Thank you for your nice comment Dorina. I personally don’t care if the cellulite is hereditary or not. I think that the cause of the cellulite is mostly our sedentary lifestyle and bad diet. In this way I have no one to blame for cellulite, but myself. If the reason is bad lifestyle and diet, I can change it. I can start exercising and eat healthy foods and get rid of cellulite. I did it, and it worked for me. I believe everybody can do it.

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    Hi Sandy, thanks for a great article and an inspiring website – I like your multi-pronged approach. I believe diet is just as important as exercise and massage to clear the dreaded cellulite.
    I have tackled this issue at various stages of my life. The only time I recall being cellulite-free was in my 20’s after a 3 week fruit & veg detox and 5 day hike.
    I bought a video course online a couple of years ago, with very specific exercises to target cellulite, and would you believe, I only watched a couple of lessons and never completed the whole course!
    Thats why I love your idea of getting rid of cellulite fast! Which way would you say is quickest?

    1. // Reply

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for your nice words. The quickest way, I believe is with the special exercises of Joey Atlas. You can download the free eBook about his method here (email not required to download it). But you still need to do the exercises :). Bud don’t worry, they are easy to do and it takes about 20 minutes, 3 times a week only. But you can get the results even faster if you walk, jog or swim every day.

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