Acne No More – Comprehensive Review

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There are lots of different opinions and reviews about Acne No More eBook written by Mike Walden. It is without a doubt one of the most popular books about acne treatment. What’s interesting, there are people who love the book, and claim that the information contained in the book, helped them to get free from acne, and to have beautiful skin, like a movie star.

But there are also some people who bought the book and claim that they could not apply what Mike Walden recommends, and that they were not able to cure their acne.

So, obviously before you decide to buy this book, you should consider if this book is for you. So, in this review I am going to describe what the book is about, who’s the book for, who’s the book not for, what is it about, what are the treatments that Mike Walden recommends, and more.

I’ll give you all the information you need to decide if the book is for you or not, so please keep on reading.

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To Buy or Not to Buy Acne No More by Mike Walden

This is a very long review, because the Acne No More eBook is quite long, and it contains a lot of information. There are exactly 223 pages in the book, with lots of very useful information for curing acne. I know that many people don’t have time or don’t want to read this whole review.

You can obviously just go through the main points of this review if you don’t want to read everything, but if you’re just looking for the quick answer if the book is for you, here it is:

You should definitely buy the book if you want to get rid of acne and have beautiful clear skin. You will definitely achieve your goal of being free from acne if you apply the information in the book.

But, you might not be able to apply the info contained in the book if:

  • You have no discipline to follow the diet recommended by Mike Walden.
  • You will not buy and take the supplements recommended by Mike Walden.

These are the two main points if you want to get rid of acne – you must follow the diet (which is easy if you like vegetables) and you must take some supplements, and lastly, you must do these two things consistently for some time, till your skin is not only free from acne, but also shiny and beautiful. Acne No More

Many people see very good effects, after a few weeks, but you should be prepared to follow Mike’s recommendations for at least 3 months, to have beautiful, acne free skin.

So, you should know right away, that this is not a quick-fix method. It is the program that will detoxify your body, which will improve your overall health, and will give you the skin you might dream of.

So, the answer is: if you’re ready to do what it takes to be healthy and have the beautiful glowing skin, then you should buy the book. If not, then do not buy it, because it’ll be not useful for you.

Who Is Mike Walden?

You might be curious who is Mike Walden, the author of the book. There are many so called experts on the Internet, who just become experts because they claim they are. In case of Mike Walden, the results of his Acne No More Program speak for themselves. The treatment works if people are able to go through it. You can read the testimonials on

Mike Walden had himself suffered from severe acne vulgaris for 13 years. He suffered severe acne breakouts on his face, neck and the back. He tried everything possible, offered by the Western medicine, but nothing worked for him.

The solution came when he learned about holistic methods of curing from Elisha Levi. He was shocked to see how healthy the 84 years old man was. He became interested in holistic treatments and decided to use it to cure his acne.

He became a certified nutritionist and health consultant, and he used his knowledge and experience to get to the bottom of the acne problem, and he wrote the book that is called by many the “Acne Bible”, because it is so comprehensive, and it really covers everything that you need to know about curing acne. He even writes how to get rid of acne scars, once your acne is gone.

What’s in the Book?

There’s all the information in the book you need to completely eradicate acne. You won’t need any other books to cure acne, after reading Acne No More. You won’t need to buy any creams, gels or lotions that are full of harmful chemicals. After reading the book, all you need to do is to follow the program contained in it.

I can’t disclose the content of the book, but I can write what the chapters are about, so it’ll give you some idea, what you’ll get if you decide to buy the book.

Chapter 1 – In the 1st chapter the author writes the story how he himself suffered from acne and how he cured himself. He also explains how you should read the book, to get the most from it.

He also prepares you mentally for what lies ahead and explains his holistic method for acne cure.

Chapter 2 – In this chapter he writes about the skin, acne causes, types of acne, the crucial differences between the natural medicine and conventional medicine, the holistic treatments, hormonal imbalances, Candida and more.

In this chapter you will really discover the truth about acne, and that it is not true that you are destined to suffer from acne because of what you inherited from your ancestors. You also learn that you don’t need to waste money on all kinds of treatments that are advertised by pharmaceutical giants, and that don’t work anyway.

Chapter 3 – This is the main chapter of the book in my opinion, which is priceless for any acne sufferer.

In this chapter Mike Walden describes the 5 Pillars of the Acne No More System. He also presents the Acne No More Quick Results Mini Program. You’ll also find in this chapter The Basic Step-By-Step Acne No More System, The Advanced Step-By-Step Acne No More System and The Acne No More Maintenance Plan.

Chapter 4 – This chapter is about cleansing and flushing. The author teaches how to eliminate toxins from the body’s organs and how to prevent the toxins from being re-absorbed into the bloodstream.

He also writes about the healing crisis and how to survive it.

Chapter 5 – This chapter is about detoxing for clear skin. The author explains all that you need to know about detoxing for clear skin and gives suggested 2 days clear-skin detoxing program.

He writes what to eat during detoxing, and what foods to avoid during detoxing.

Finally, he explains detoxification program, according to Ayurveda, the traditional system of ancient Indian medicine, still used in India and becoming popular in many countries, all over the world.

Chapter 6 – This chapter is about nutrition. There’s a lot of information about balancing diet using the right building blocks, where he explains what you need to know about consuming carbohydrates, fibers, protein and fats.

He explains how to eliminate allergenic foods, minimize toxic foods that cause hormonal imbalance, which foods to consume to cleanse and balance hormones, and he also writes about raw foods, friendly bacteria, building Candida-free environment, correct eating habits, and supplements that will keep your skin clear and balance your hormones.

Chapter 7 – This chapter is about stress control, exercising, sleep optimization, sunlight and fresh air.

Chapter 8 – This chapter is about external skin secrets and the hidden key to beautiful clear skin. The author writes about daily skin care protocols, natural cleansers, exfoliants and moisturizers, secret skin care secrets, facial steam and cleansing, skin brushing, skin moisturizing, treating blemishes and blackheads, homemade facials and masks for acne prone skin, unique skin treatments and he also gives some extra unique skin care treatments and skin care tips for women, men and some general tips.

After the Conclusion to the book, there’s the Appendix, where he explains in detail how to eliminate acne scars.

As you can see, Acne No More, is very comprehensive book, which explains everything about acne and gives natural treatment that will eliminate your acne once and for all. You will be able to eliminate acne by cleansing your body of toxins and becoming healthy person.

Obviously, the book is not a scam, but the true Acne Bible, that should be read not only by every person who suffers from acne, but also by every person who wants to have healthy, beautiful, glowing skin.

60-day Money Back Guarantee

young woman squeezing pimple on her face

The eBook is sold through Clickbank is which the biggest seller of online products. What’s good about Clickbank, is that they offer an iron-clad 60 days money back guarantee. If you buy the book and will find out that it’s not for you, you can get your money back.

I have heard from the author that only 2 percent of buyers ask for refund, but it’s good to have such option in case you realize the book is not for you after buying it.

I have read in some reviews online, that you won’t be able to get your money back and that you should not trust this money back guarantee. It’s a total nonsense. I have gotten refunds from Clickbank many times for different products, that happened to be disappointing, and I know that the owner of the product must give your money back within 60 days, whether he/she likes it or not. So, you do not need to worry about the refund.

The Main Pros of Acne No More

  • The treatment works.
  • The acne treatment is 100 percent natural.
  • There’s a detailed overview of each step to beautiful, glowing acne-free skin.
  • A clear program for eliminating acne with charts and checklists, which make the program easy to follow.
  • The holistic treatment removes the root cause of acne, so the acne won’t come back.
  • It’s a natural treatment, so there are no harmful side effects.
  • Thanks to the program you can say goodbye to all kinds of acne, blemishes, redness, pigmentation, peeling and too oily skin.
  • You will be able to eliminate acne scars and prevent new scars.
  • It’s a total health rejuvenation program.
  • For people who are busy, and their acne is not too bad, there’s easy, short and practical Acne Mini-Program.

The Main Cons of Acne No More

  • The book is so comprehensive that you might be a little overwhelmed at first.
  • It’s not a quick fix, so you’ll need to give some time for the treatment to work.
  • You will need to adjust your diet, and it might be not easy for you to give up the foods you like and eat the foods you do not like.
  • You will need to take some supplements, so you will need to spend more money, to cure your acne.
  • You will need to do some work to cure your acne.

The Cost

At the moment of writing the book cost $37.

Additional Information

What I and many people have liked the most, is that the author also offers extra support helping people to achieve their goal.

Click Here to Buy Acne No More


After reading the above, you should be able to conclude if the Acne No More is for you or not. To summarize it, let me stress, that if you really want to cure acne once and for all, and you are ready to apply Mike Walden’s treatment, then you will get rid of acne and acne scars thanks to Acne No More.

If you think you won’t be able to change your eating habits, you don’t want to eat vegetables, you don’t want to give up toxic foods and take some supplements, then the book is not for you.

If you’re still not decided, then you can click on the link below, which will take you to the page where you can watch the Mike Walden’s video presentation of Acne No More and read many testimonials of his customers.

Click Here to Buy the Book

If you decided that the book is not for you, check out the other, more conventional acne treatment products here.

Acne No More




Easy to Do





  • It works
  • Holistic
  • Total health rejuvenation program


  • It requires some work
  • It requires discipline
  • Not a quick fix treatment


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    Hey Sandy,

    Wow! What a great and comprehensive review of that book! As a former high school teacher, I saw how acne could be devastating for the students who suffered from it. I am glad to know that I can recommend your review to anyone else I see who is looking for a solution. Thanks!! 

    1. // Reply

      Thank you for the nice comment Nathalie!


  2. // Reply

    Great review of the book.  It looks like it would help not just with the acne, but with so many other things too, like with your overall health and wellness.  Eating more vegetables can help with energy as well as taking care of acne.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of supplements, but I do try to eat healthy and keep to that.  I’m just not good with the whole pill thing.  I hate taking them.  But, I can see how they would be helpful.  This does give me something to ponder on though.  Thank you for your review!

  3. // Reply

    I remember the time I was suffering so much of acne, it was a hell of a time.

    Luckily, that time is over, but still, I will order this book, because it can help my future childs, if they suffer of it, I can help them, and the solutions are not far away.

    So, really thanks for sharing it, you could be a very big help if it would show they will have the same.

  4. // Reply

    This book might well be worth purchasing and following. I mean i am quite interested in the fact that it claims to heal the scars form acne which is quite something!

    Thanks for being so thorough,  you really can see in detail what this book entails and what you would need to be willing to do to follow it, if you want to be successful in ridding acne for good!

    1. // Reply

      Thank you for the nice comment Dianne.


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