Does Yoga Help You Get Rid of Cellulite?

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There are many different exercises that can reduce cellulite, and yoga asanas (physical postures) can be very effective at reducing cellulite. You can either go to yoga classes or you can do yoga at home to get rid of cellulite.

Exercise and diet are the most important if you want to get rid of cellulite. I’ve already written about diet and exercise on this website, but the exercises I wrote about were mostly walking, jogging and a few others simple, but effective exercises. A woman doing yoga

Many people ask me what about yoga? Can you get rid of cellulite doing yoga? Yes, you can. Yoga is actually one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite. But it requires more discipline and knowledge than walking and jogging. You must know how to do yoga and what kind of yoga to do.

There are many kinds of yoga and all of them can help you get rid of cellulite. Yoga works both on the body and mind. So, you’re fighting stress, fat, and you redistribute the fat and circulation to different areas of the body. What’s more, yoga improves the work of your internal organs, including the liver, which is very important to stop creating the cellulite.

What Kind of Yoga Is the Best to Get Rid of Cellulite?

I can’t tell you which kind of yoga you should choose. It depends on many factors. Are there any yoga classes available in your area? Can you afford them?

It is very important to learn yoga from qualified teachers, but it doesn’t mean the attending yoga class is the only way to learn yoga correctly and safely. Thanks to the modern technology you can learn yoga nowadays easily from DVD and the internet.

Fat Free Yoga

What worked best for me was the Fat Free Yoga – Lose Weight and Feel Great DVD with Ana Brett and Ravi Singh. Ana and Brett are fantastic and very experienced teachers and I’ve been doing yoga for years using their DVD’s, like Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Kundalini Yoga Green Energy of the Heart among a few of my favorites. But Fat Free Yoga is the best workout to fight the cellulite. It removes the cellulite and fat, so I also lost a few kilos doing the workout, but what surprised me the most, my eating habits changed when I started doing their yoga. I kind of started feeling more satisfied eating less. Fat Free Yoga not only makes you healthy and burns calories, but makes you more peaceful and happy.

I could write and praise Ana and Ravi’s yoga a lot, but I don’t need to do it. You can see on the Amazon many positive reviews about the DVD. There’s also a lot of detailed information about the Fat Free Yoga DVD. I can also say from my experience that it really works.

Ana and Ravi also stress the importance of eating the right foods to get rid of cellulite. They recommend eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and to avoid meat and dairy. You should also read about 6 foods that fight the cellulite.

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If you looking for special anti-cellulite exercises that are even better than yoga for cellulite, read my review of the Naked Beauty Program.


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    I have been thinking about starting yoga for some time now. Thanks for the great advice about the foods that fight cellulite and the suggestion of the Fat Free Yoga video. I’ve also downloaded your free e-book and I’m looking around on your site and learning a lot. Lots of good advice and information on diet and cellulite…Thank you!

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    I can see how yoga and attempting to get rid of cellulite goes hand in hand. I have never really tried yoga, but I can see why you emphasize the fact that doing yoga and eating right is essential to balancing everything out to achieve the issue of no more cellulite..
    It certainly will take some time and constant yoga work, but after reading through this post I can see all of the great benefits.
    Also just to say, men as well as women have this issue of cellulite and this site is a wonderful place to get excellent information.

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      Thank you Angela. Yoga is great for many things.

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    Wow, this is the very first time I read that yoga can get rid of the cellulite problem to all people in all ages. Before this, I thought we only can get rid of the cellulite with the medication and other healthy lifestyles. I will do the recommendation to all my friends that have this problem and I think this is the most reliable alternative method to life free from cellulite. Great!

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    I’m 6 foot 5 and I have to admit that I have recently taken up yoga. With my body length the hard poses are too difficult for me but I like to do the core workouts for my stomach and abdomen. The scissor kicks are good and the leg holds work pretty well. I also strengthened my lower back, as I had back problems, and now they are gone. Your site is inspiring and I like it.


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      That’s great! Thank you for the nice comment Bradley.

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