10 Top Goji Berry Health Benefits

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Have you been eating Goji berries in your diet? If “yes” you have definitely been enjoying some great health benefits. After all, this “super fruit” has been used for centuries in China as a medical plant.

Goji berries are easy to eat, given their sweet and somewhat sour taste. Although available in a dried form akin to raisins, Goji berries are free of fat, provide lots of soluble fiber as well as antioxidants. Goji berry health benefits emanate from the fact that they contain vitamins, trace minerals, and a number of phytonutrients.

These fruits are scientifically proven to make people feel generally healthy thanks to their neurologic effects. They also play an important role in supporting better bowel function and gastrointestinal health. Researchers have also found Goji berries to have the ability to boost energy levels and boost heart health.

In this write-up, we shall examine the Goji berries health benefits in greater details. Read on to understand the reasons to include these “superfruits” every day.

Goji berries

What Are Some of the Goji Berries Health Benefits?

1. Diabetes Treatment

Goji berries are very effective, especially when it comes to controlling the blood sugar being released into the bloodstream. That prevents the occurrence of either dips or spikes of sugar levels in individuals suffering from diabetes.

It is proven scientifically that Goji berries can help increase the glucose responsiveness of insulin, thus helping to balance the sugar levels in the body. If you have type 2 diabetes, including Goji berries in your diet would be a wise decision. If you must take a snack in between your meals, let it be some Goji berries.

2. Boosting Immunity and Fighting Cancer

Goji berries have a rich supply of antioxidants, including vitamin A and C. Apart from boosting immunity, the antioxidants are also known to fight cancerous cells, curtail tumor growth, and decrease the levels of inflammation in the body. Thus, Goji berries are key in ridding your body of the immune-decreasing and cancer-causing toxins.

When it comes to preventing cancer, the effects of Goji berries are localized to the digestive tract, reproductive organs, liver, and the brain. After all, they have unique antioxidant, anti-tumor, and bioactive immune-modulating properties in these particular organs of the body. Goji berries are also known to have the ability to stop the growth of tumor cells in the skin.

3. Aiding Weight Loss

A woman eating Goji berries

Did you know that Goji berries have very low calories while providing you with lots of nutrients? It is because of that reason that they work very well as a key component of any weight loss plan. Because of their low glycemic index, Goji berries can help you crave less for the sugary foods thus helping you lose weight.

Like other fruits and vegetables, Goji berries are rich in fiber, which promotes satiety thus preventing binge eating. By eating Goji berries, you don’t have to keep snacking on unhealthy foods. It is, therefore, easy to lose weight. Goji berries also increase the metabolism levels in the body to help overweight individuals quickly cut their body fat.

4. Regulating Blood Pressure

One of the Goji berries health benefits is the fact that they help in the regulation of the body’s blood pressure levels. It’s all thanks to their high polysaccharide levels that they have featured in Chinese medicine as regulators of blood pressure. In the end, eating Goji berries basically means improved heart health.

5. Promoting Skin Health

Goji berries are one of the best sources of beta-carotene, the red pigment in fruits and other plants. The place of beta-carotene in promoting healthy skin cannot be gainsaid. In fact, this chemical even protects the skin against cancer.

Due to the high antioxidant levels in Goji berries, these fruits can protect you against certain skin disorders and the damage caused by UV rays. They work by giving your skin the ability to fight the free radicals from the sun’s UV rays.

6. Boosting Eye Health

One of the causes of age-related loss of vision is deteriorated muscle strength. Goji berries are known to have the ability to prevent muscle degeneration in the eyes and other parts of the body. They contain zeaxanthin, the antioxidant that is key in preventing muscle degeneration. In addition, it protects your eyes against free radicals, exposure to UV rays, and various types of oxidative stress.

Thus, Goji berries are proven to be able to protect the eyes from oxidative stress and hypopigmentation. If you didn’t know, oxidative stress is a leading cause of damage to the macula. You can also use Goji berries as a natural treatment of glaucoma.

7. Improving Lung Health

In a number of studies, Goji berries have been shown to reduce lung inflammation as well as increase the activity of white blood cells against common lung infections such as influenza. Clearly, Goji berries help improve lung health by boosting an individual’s immunity. People suffering from asthma can derive a lot of benefits from eating Goji berries.

8. Detoxifying the Liver

One of the Goji berries health benefits is the fact that it protects the liver against damage. In fact, it is a common ingredient in liver cleanses, together with pentaphylla, gynostemna, Ganoderma, and licorice.

Outside the herbal medicine world, Goji berries are used when making porridge or soup meant to promote kidney and liver health. They have the effect of strengthening and revitalizing the liver and kidney. You can use them as a natural remedy to the dreaded kidney stones.

9. Boosting Physical and Mental Energy

Drinking Goji berries regularly is known to boost energy levels both physically and mentally. That’s the reason why people who take this juice often report an improvement in their mood and digestive health. People tend to have a feeling of general well-being, higher levels of energy, and improved gastrointestinal function. If you are headed to the gym for your regular workout, you are advised to take some Goji berries before you go.

10. Reducing Cellulite

Because of all the nutrients in Goji berries and their detoxifying properties, they are also known to reduce cellulite. It’s actually one of the best anti-cellulite fruits.

From the foregoing discussion, it is clear that there are many Goji berries health benefits. If you are looking for fruits to add to your diet, Goji berries should, therefore, be your first stop. You can’t go wrong with this wonderful fruit.

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