Green Coffee Plus Review – Weight Loss Supplement

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Green coffee has become lately very popular among people who struggle to lose weight. But not many people know that there’s more to green coffee than just weight loss properties. beautiful sexy woman measures body in bedroom

Scientists researching green coffee found out that it not only fights obesity, but it also regulates blood pressure. So, it works opposite to roasted coffee that so many people drink.
There are also some indications that green coffee is good for Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes too, but there’s no proof for it.

Who Should Take Green Coffee

Green coffee is especially recommended for everybody who wants to lose weight. It is also a good supplement for people who want to reduce cellulite, but if you are happy with your weight and want to lose cellulite only, then Cellinea pills are better choice than green coffee.

Green coffee is also good for skin, metabolism, and also regulates blood pressure. It is also good anti-aging supplement.

Green Coffee Supplements

The problem with drinking green coffee is that it tastes quite bad. It is very bitter, so it’s hard to drink it. Actually, unlike roasted coffee, I have never met anyone who enjoys drinking green coffee. That’s why people prefer taking green coffee supplements.

Also, green coffee supplements are usually packed with more green coffee extract, and contain more chlorogenic acid which is responsible for most of the benefits that come from consuming green coffee to lose weight. There are also more polyphenols in the supplements, which have anti aging properties.

Currently one of the best green coffee supplements on the market is Green Coffee Plus. The Green Coffee Plus has the largest dose of green coffee beans extract available on the market and people have been loosing 20-30 lb monthly taking it.

Does It Work?

Yes, it does work. It’s confirmed by many happy people who bought it and you can read their reviews here. You can also read some independent reviews about the effects of green coffee on, though they are usually not about Green Coffee Plus, which is the most effective green coffee dietary supplement.

How Does It Work?

The Green Coffee Plus works in many ways:

  • It speeds up metabolism by stopping sugar absorption and stimulating fat burning processes. As the result, you burn a lot of calories.
  • Chlorogenic acid in green coffee, repairs the liver and intestines, which improves metabolism.
  • Polyphenols in green coffee clean the body from free radicals which brings beneficial anti aging effect. It rejuvenates and beautifies the body.
  • Unlike roasted coffee that increases blood pressure, it regulates blood pressure.

People lose weight quickly taking Green Coffee Plus, even without exercise and dieting. Some even claim that eating sweets is OK while taking the supplement, but I personally experienced that the exercise and refraining from sugar gives much better results.

How to Use It Green Coffee Plus

You should take only two capsules a day, one after breakfast and one after dinner.


The supplement is sold online in three different packages:

  1. Start Package – 1 bottle, which is enough for 30 days. You can see spectacular results in 30 days, so this is the good package for people who just want to try it. The package costs $37.
  2. Recommended Package – 2 bottles + 1 bottle free. It costs $65.
  3. Maximum Saving Package – 3 bottles + 3 bottles free. It costs $97.

All the packages can be bought from the Green Coffee Plus Website.


Green Coffee Plus contains natural extract from green coffee beans.

Main Pros

  • It works fast.
  • It brings long-lasting effects.
  • It is safe (it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before taking any new supplements anyway).
  • Money back guarantee for unopened bottles of the supplement.

Main Cons

The Green Coffee Plus is sold only through the producer’s own website, so it can’t be bought in stores or pharmacies. It can be bought only online.

Final Verdict

The Green Coffee Plus is the best green coffee supplement on the market and it burns the calories fast and safely. It also helps with cellulite, especially in obese people.

Although the producer says that exercise is not necessary and that you can eat whatever you want, it’s recommended that you at least refrain from eating sugar and go for a walk a few times week. If you want to get rid of cellulite too, the Naked Beauty Exercises (Truth About Cellulite) are recommended too.

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Green Coffee Plus




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  • Fast Results
  • Long-term Effects
  • Money Back Guarantee


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