How to Lose Cellulite with Anti-cellulite Cups

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You must have heard about cellulite cups and anti-cellulite cupping massage. If you wonder if it works and how to use the cups properly, then this article is for you. It’s very important to use the cups properly to avoid some possible painful experiences with the cupping massage.

There’s a new anti-cellulite product on the market called – Anti Cellulite Vacuum Silicone Massage Cupping Cups. When I first saw it, I just thought, it’s another useless product. But then, I read the reviews of women who bought it, and surprisingly, the reviews were mostly positive. Most of the reviewers gave it 5 stars. After reading the reviews, I decided to research it more and review the product on my website.

Anti-cellulite cups A Woman without cellulite showing her back, butt and legs

They are simple small cups (Size: 6X5.3cm) made of silicone. They are sold in packages of 2 or 4 pieces. You can buy them in a few different colors, like blue, pink, purple, green and also clarity. They are non-toxic, harmless and durable. They can even withstand high temperatures of 250 Celsius degree. They are very suitable for a whole family.

How to Use Cellulite Suction Cups Properly

First you need to use some kind of lubricant on the area that you want to massage, to avoid friction. When you use lubricant, the whole procedure should be painless.

You can use either shower gel, oil or any other good lubricant. It’s a good idea to use Anti Cellulite Treatment Massage Oil, which is made from natural ingredients only, and which penetrates skin deeper than anti-cellulite creams. The oil massages, smooths and firms the skin, so it goes very well with the cups.

After lubricating your skin, squeeze the cup in the middle, and then press the cup’s mouth to your skin and release, gently drawing the skin into the cup. Lastly, simply use your both hands and move the cup smoothly in straight-lines, circles, and zigzags. You should do it for 5 – 10 minutes, every time you shower.

Watch the video below to see how to use the cellulite suction cups exactly, and learn why it works!

Do Anti-cellulite Cups Really Work?

Surprisingly, as you can see in the above video, the cups work. The positive results are visible in less than four weeks. Of course, do not expect overnight results. It takes time to lose cellulite. Also, if you want to lose cellulite fast and for good, you should not depend only on the anti-cellulite cups. You should do some workout, preferably The Naked Beauty Program, eat anti-cellulite foods and take Cellinea pills as a supplement.

There are also many other ways of losing cellulite, that you can find on this website, but the ones mentioned above are the best. What’s important, you can lose cellulite naturally at home, without spending a lot of money on some expensive anti-cellulite treatments.

The Pros of the Anti Cellulite Vacuum Silicone Massage Cupping Cupsanti-cellulite cups

  • They work
  • They are very easy to use
  • They are inexpensive
  • They are safe, there’s no pain, nor risk of infection when using them

The Cons

The main problem with them is, that you need to use them regularly for a few weeks to see some positive results. So, you need to be patient. Another problem is that your skin might get quite bruised first, before cellulite reduction. The good news is that the bruises won’t stay long.


long legs of relaxed lady with orange towel on white sand

Surprisingly, the anti-cellulite cups really work and they can help you lose cellulite. They are very cheap and safe to use, so there’s actually no reason, why not to add them to your good anti-cellulite products.

But don’t expect miracles and overnight success with the cups. You must use them every day and it’s a good idea to also do the Naked Beauty workout and take the Cellinea pills, which are the best anti-cellulite supplement on the market.

Anti-cellulite Cups




Effectiveness for Cellulite


Quick Results



  • It works
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy


  • Takes some time


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    Do you keep squeezing the cups as you rub them on your skin or let go so suction is in cup. Is is supposed to hurt a little?

    1. // Reply

      You let it go, so the suction is in the cup. You can see it in the video on the page. If you moisturize well and keep on moving it, then there should be no pain.

  2. // Reply

    I get a lot of pain when the suction is great within the cup. Then when I release it to reduce the pressure and move the cup it keeps losing suction. I hope it’s just practise to get the technique right

    1. // Reply

      Sorry to hear that. It should not hurt much. If you’re using enough massage oil, then it might be because of lack of practice. Good luck!

  3. // Reply

    It was hurting for me as well in certain areas. Do you have to suction up alot of skin? And is it better if you have your skin stretched tight or looser?

    1. // Reply

      Tight is better, but if it hurts too much, then you should keep it less stretched.

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