How to Reduce Stress and Cellulite

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It is common knowledge nowadays that stress can cause a lot of damage to a human body, but still summer holidays, vacation and the beach - girl in bikini posing on the beachpeople seldom know that stress can cause cellulite. Unfortunately, it can. I’ll explain in this article how stress can cause cellulite and how to reduce stress and get rid of cellulite. Unfortunately, stress and cellulite often go hand in hand.

Stress and Hormones

The prolonged stress changes your hormones. When we are in stress, the body releases more cortisol, which normally, in small amounts, protects the body from stress. Unfortunately, when we are living in stress for long periods of time, too much cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands. The effects of too much cortisol are high blood pressure, weak immune system, acne, increased water retention and storing too much fat.

Increased water retention, fat storage and tension in the muscles and connective tissues are some of the main causes of cellulite.

Stress and Eating

Unfortunately, when we are stressed out we also tend to eat too much. We often consume more sugar and unhealthy fats in such situation. This further causes cellulite and makes it look worse. Consuming alcohol makes it even worse.

Stress and Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle can be a cause of stress, but also when we are under pressure, we often try to relax and escape from stress, sitting in front of the TV, trying to forget about the causes of stress. The sedentary lifestyle, unfortunately, makes the appearance of cellulite even worse.

Stress is one of the causes of cellulite and it can be also very detrimental to our overall health and well-being. As you read above, the spiral of stress, makes things worse and worse, so we should try to break the vicious cycle of stress as soon as possible.

How to Reduce Stress

Stress, fear, anxiety and anger are mostly caused by “living in time”, according to Michael Brown, the author of the fantastic book, The Presence Process. We usually live under the influence of the mind, which always lives either in the past or the future. We seldom live as our Presence which is free from stress, anxiety, fear and anger.

The solution to live stress-free life is to connect with our Presence. In his book Michael Brown explains how to do it, step-by-step.

Let’s mention below some other things we can do to reduce stress.


The AYP Deep Meditation is taught in the Deep Meditation – Pathway to Personal Freedom book by Yogani

Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce and get rid of stress for good. It’s not hard, if you know how to do it. It does not require mind control and hard concentration as many people think.

Yogani, one of the modern teachers of yoga, teaches very easy and pleasant way of meditation that brings great results. You can find more info about his lessons here.

YogaFitness woman doing exercises in the city park

There are many different kinds of yoga and all the yoga techniques are great for both, stress and cellulite reduction. I wrote about yoga and cellulite here.

Breathing Techniques

When you are conscious of your breath, you naturally live in the present moment and become free from stress. That’s why breathing techniques and pranayama are great for reducing stress.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Although yoga is great for stress, health and cellulite, you don’t need to do yoga if you don’t like it or have no time for it. All kinds of exercise are great for stress and cellulite. It’s important, though, to not compete with others, when exercising. Competition can increase stress. It’s better to slow down and stop being competitive about everything in life.

The Naked Beauty Exercises

I’m writing about the Naked Beauty Exercises separately, because these are special anti-cellulite exercises invented by women fitness specialist, Joey Atlas. They are well known as one of the best workouts for cellulite reduction, but they are also great for stress reduction. I wrote the Naked Beauty Review here (The Truth About Cellulite).


The food we consume is also connected with stress. When our body becomes toxic, the stress deepens Absence of cellulite. Part body of slim fit girl holding orange next to the bottom buttocks. Woman wearing white lacy lingerie. Diet aspects.and we tend to eat more junk food. It’s important in such situation to eat healthy food and drink green smoothies. I wrote here about green smoothies for cellulite.

The same food that kills cellulite, also reduces stress. I wrote about diet for cellulite here.

You might also read about the benefits of detoxing.


I know it is not easy to fight stress, but living with stress is really hard, so we should do whatever it takes to reduce stress, and then getting rid of cellulite and living healthy life, will become much easier.

Click Here for more information about different causes of cellulite.


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    I always believed in a healthy body for a healthy mind and I can’t advocate enough the good of keeping yourself active. I like to go for long jogs to clear my mind, when the heart is pumping and your heart goes wild, you tend to have better focus and have better clarity in your mind! Diet like you mentioned is a very important factor! If you take in lots of unhealthy and junk food, you’ll get fat and bogged down with all sorts of unwanted diseases, it snaps you of your energy and you will be more stressed in order to deal with the diseases!

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      Thanks for the comment Leo!


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