Kim Kardashian and Cellulite: How She Deals with It!

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Cellulite isn’t just a problem for ordinary women. Celebrities also struggle with cellulite. There are many celebrities today who are known to have cellulite and have been on record disclosing their struggle with cellulite. One such celebrity is Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian in 2014

Kim Kardashian and Cellulite

Kim is one of the few A-list celebrities who have been open about having cellulite. In fact, Kim isn’t apologetic or shy about her cellulite problem. She has in fact addressed the issue publicly on a number of occasions, one of the most notable occasions being when she was addressing the controversy surrounding one of her photos which appeared on Complex magazine’s website accidentally in March 2009.

The image in question was quickly replaced with a re-touched photo, but not before many people copied it. Kim was accused of using Photoshop to hide her cellulite. Her response was classic. Kim said, ”so what if I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn’t?” Kim went further to claim that just because she appears on the cover of many magazines doesn’t mean she is perfect.

Kim Kardashian’s Cellulite Secret

Now that we know Kim has cellulite issues, it’s important to discuss her cellulite reduction treatments.
What does Kim Kardashian do to hide/reduce the appearance of her cellulite? Well, she has addressed this issue on a number of occasions, the most recent being on social media app, Snapchat.

In recent Snapchat video, Kim Kardashian revealed her latest trick to reducing the appearance of her cellulite as well as preventing the formation of new cellulite lies in exercising as well as using a mixture of body oil and lotion together. Kim revealed that she mixes body oil and lotion together and applies it on her whole body before exercising. She claimed that she applies the mixture all over her body before working out to get firmer skin which is free of wrinkles.

She in fact revealed her favorite body oil and body lotions for fighting cellulite in her Snapchat video. They include; The Elizabeth Arden Cream All Over Miracle Oil, Blue Lagoon Iceland Silica softening bath and body oil and the Noodle and Boo Elastic Oil.


Cellulite is a problem that affects almost all women, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian. From Kim’s experience, it’s clear that topical cellulite treatments work, but they aren’t effective on their own. From all Kim Kardashian and cellulite stories on record as well as many other celebrity cellulite stories, one thing is clear; exercise is the most effective cellulite treatment available today. Topical cellulite treatments help reduce cellulite appearance only. They don’t tackle the root cause of cellulite.

Kim uses body oil and lotion to make her skin firmer but this is usually complemented by exercise. We also know that she maintains a very strict diet so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that dieting also helps get rid of cellulite by promoting overall skin health. In a nutshell, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet is the best way of getting rid of cellulite naturally and effectively for good. Kim also drinks plenty of water and gets plenty of rest (at least 7 hours of sleep) so you should consider these tips as well to fight cellulite.


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    Hi Sandy,

    I think that people are so hard on celebrities like they aren’t human. I love it when they remind their fans that they have flaws like the rest of us, and I’m glad that Kim responded so ‘normally’ to the criticisms made about her’s.
    I used to have cellulite really badly but since starting a good exercise and diet program, including a lot of water, I have significantly less.

    Thanks for your great article.

    Love and light.

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      Hi Vivia,

      Thanks for the nice comment and congratulations for reducing cellulite in the natural way.



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