Why Did I Decide to Get Rid of Cellulite?

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Cellulite affects a lot of women, and some men too. It’s actually a very common thing to have cellulite for A woman showing cellulite on her legmany women, but it isn’t a disease or any life threatening condition at all. So, many women nowadays decide to simply accept their cellulite and they don’t worry about it at all.

Many women worry about cellulite because whatever people say, the truth is that cellulite looks ugly and it lowers self-confidence of many women who are affected by cellulite, especially when they want to wear their bikinis on the beach. So, they spend a lot of money to get rid of cellulite at any cost.

When I noticed that I have cellulite I was very surprised at first. I had been a slim person and I thought that cellulite affects only obese people and it’s caused by fat. So how come, I got the cellulite too?

I started researching about cellulite and found out that actually quite a few slim women have problems with cellulite. I read about the many different causes of cellulite, but it actually became clear to me why I got it, after watching this video made by Joey Atlas.

I discovered that more often than not, the real cause of cellulite isn’t fat, but weak muscle fibers under the skin. That explained how a slim woman like me, got cellulite. It became clear to me, that the real reason for my cellulite was my lifestyle. I was spending at least 8 hours every day behind a computer and was leading generally a quite sedentary lifestyle.

fitness women holding a water bottle on a white isolated backgroundI was able to stay slim, because of my good diet I think. I have been always eating lots of fruit and vegetables and avoiding all kinds of soda drinks. But because of my sedentary lifestyle the muscles under the skin of my legs became weak and that caused the appearance of the dimples in the skin called cellulite.

So, for me it became obvious that I must change something in my life. The cellulite became a wake up call. I knew that if I continue with my current lifestyle, after cellulite the other real health problems might come. I decided to change my lifestyle and start exercising. I decided to be physically more active.

I started to walk more. Instead of using transportation, I started to walk whenever the distance wasn’t longer than 1 km (my friends thought I’m crazy). I started doing yoga, jogging and swimming at least 3 times a week. I started playing table tennis or badminton at least once a week.

After a few weeks I became a much fitter person and I felt generally much better. But the cellulite wasn’t gone. So, I tried different anti-cellulite creams and gels, but without much success at first. Only when I found the Revitol anti-cellulite cream I noticed that my cellulite got reduced a little. I also tried different massages and wraps, but without success.

Then I did more research about cellulite and watched the above mentioned video of Joey Atlas again. I noticed that I missed the important point when I watched it the first time. To get rid of the cellulite on the legs, you must do exercises that will attack the specific muscles responsible for the appearance of cellulite. So, not every exercise will work. Yoga, walking, swimming and jogging help, but it takes long time to get rid of cellulite doing only that.Fitness woman doing exercises in the city park

I purchased the Naked Beauty Program by Joey Atlas and started following his instructions and doing his exercises religiously.  I noticed the positive results soon, and I got, completely free of cellulite in about a month. I have been doing those exercises since then once or twice a weak, and I’m still free of cellulite. What’s more, I am feeling much better overall. I have lots of energy and confidence. So, actually, I did not only get rid of cellulite, but my fitness and life have improved too.

I also decided to start this website to share all my experience and research about cellulite. So, I would really encourage every woman who has cellulite, to get rid of cellulite, not just because it looks ugly, but because the cellulite tells you that something might be wrong with your lifestyle. If you decide to kill your cellulite with exercise and diet, you’ll not only get rid of cellulite, but you’ll improve your overall health and fitness. It does not take much time either. You can find out how easy it becomes reading my review of Joey Atlas exercises.

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