Anti-Cellulite Massagers – Can You Get Rid of Cellulite Using Them?

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Legs and buttocks woman massage to reduce celluliteThere are many different cellulite massagers for sale. Also massaging with anti-cellulite cups is very popular.

Do anti-cellulite massagers work? Can you get rid of cellulite using them?

Massage has been used since ancient times to cure many illnesses. I am a big fan of massage, especially of Thai massage which I call yoga for lazy people. The way they massage you and stretch your body reminds me of yoga and after the massage I feel as great as after the yoga session. It can be painful, but you feel great after it for a week.

Massage for Cellulite Reduction 

Nowadays, there are many different massagers are for sale. They can help you reduce cellulite. The idea is that the cause of the cellulite is poor circulation. So by massaging your legs, you increase the circulation and you reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Do Massagers Work?

I used to massage my legs for over a month and it was great for my skin. My skin looked better after one month, but my cellulite was reduced only a little, it wasn’t gone completely. I have never met anyone who got rid of cellulite by massage only.  procedure for women hip for cellulite

Massage makes skin looking more youthful and more beautiful, but it won’t remove cellulite completely.

It is still good to do it, because it will reduce cellulite, and it’s good for your skin and health in general. But to get rid of cellulite you must exercise too.

I don’t believe that the cellulite is caused by genetic factors or by too much fat. The main cause of the cellulite is the weak muscle fibers under the skin. They cause the appearance of cellulite. So, to get rid of the cellulite you must make those muscles strong again. I have achieved it in less than one month using Naked Beauty Program invented by Joey Atlas. The program consists of a few exercises that target the muscles on the back of the legs.

The Naked Beauty Program

Women have over 90 muscles there. By targeting those muscles by slowly done exercises, those muscles have no chance, but get stronger. When they get stronger the appearance of cellulite is gone. It’s easy Beautiful woman using rubbing gloveand simple. All you need to do is to have some discipline to do the Naked Beauty exercises three times a week. If you want even faster results, you can do some cardio once or twice a week too. Eating some cellulite burning foods can speed it the reduction of cellulite even more. Some creams and dry massage can help slightly too.

But you won’t get rid of cellulite for good without exercise. The creams, massage and diet can help; they can even reduce the cellulite a lot for some time, but the cellulite will be back. You really need to exercise to get rid of it for good. Fortunately, Joey Atlas’ exercises aren’t difficult and they aren’t tough. You can see some of them on the video here. You can do them at home and you can be certain that you will get rid of the cellulite.

When Your Cellulite Is Gone

After you get rid of the cellulite, you can just exercise a little from time to time, to keep the cellulite at bay forever. Joey Atlas will give you the exercises to do it too. So, the Naked Beauty Program is the complete program that will kill the cellulite and will keep you free from the cellulite forever. The Symulast Method

You can read Joey Atlas’ article about the cellulite here. There’s an interesting video at the bottom of this page too. I wrote a review about the Naked Beauty Program here.

For more information about cellulite visit Get Rid of Cellulite Fast.


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    This is some amazing information about some insights into cellulite and if you can reduce it using massage. I know many people are looking to reduce their cellulite and hopefully this article can help those people. Maybe this works for some and not others. Looks like you’ll be covering all of the possible solutions of this problem.

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    Hi Sandy,
    Also know as edematous adiposity, cellulite is a degeneration of the subcutaneous fibers that causes the skin to become inflamed.
    While causing mostly in women, 12-20% of men we could also be affected. Do you believe that anti cellulite massage help both genders? or they are designed to help women only ?

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      Hi Renan,

      Massage is good for everybody, but it can only slightly reduce the cellulite. The exercise is necessary, to really get rid of cellulite.



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