Can You Really Get Rid of Cellulite?

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Is cellulite, something natural that you must learn to live with, or is it something like obesity, that comes with unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise?

One of my colleagues at the office where I work said that it’s pointless trying to get rid of cellulite a woman with a camerabecause it isn’t really possible. As a person who got rid of cellulite and who knows many other people who got rid of cellulite I know it’s nonsense what she said. But unfortunately there are many people who would love to get rid of cellulite, but don’t believe it’s possible.

You’ve heard it, right? “If you think you can’t do it, you can’t; if you think you can do it, you can”. So, you can do it and if you do a little research on the internet, you’ll find examples of many women who got rid of cellulite. I’ve recently read about Jennifer Lopez, who at 45 years old manages to look great, even she has had problems with cellulite.

You might not be able to afford some of the techniques she uses to fight cellulite, but many people, including me, can keep cellulite at bay with a healthy diet, exercise and some creams, and especially with Joey Atlas Movements. There’s this myth that once you have cellulite, it’s because of your body’s condition and you can’t do anything about it. It’s not true; it’s just a myth. The truth is that if you sit most of the day, then your chance of melting cellulite off on its own is practically nil. You need to have an active and healthy lifestyle to get rid of cellulite.

What Is Cellulite?

I explained in detail about cellulite here. To make it short and simple, the cellulite is fat visible under skin in certain areas, which gives those areas lumpy and dimpled appearance. So, you need to reduce fat and improve the circulation and redistribution of fat in your body. There are many ways to do it.

Healthy Lifestyle

It all starts with a healthy lifestyle. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to exercise and to go to the gym, there are many opportunities in everyday life to be more active. If you work in front of a computer for hours, you might spend standing for 10-30 minutes every hour while working on your computer. There are now even adjustable standing desks that allow you to work while standing. You’ll burn calories automatically in such a way, just during your work.

You can use stairs instead of the elevator. If you live on the 14th floor and you have no time or you’re too tired to climb 14 floors, you can walk up the stars 3-4 floors and then take the elevator.

If you lie on the sofa while watching TV, watch it sitting. After you shampoo your hair and you put your conditioner, you can do some sit ups in the shower. You can also do some sit ups when you brush your teeth. There are many opportunities to be more active. I’ve just given you a few examples, but you can find many more opportunities if you really want to.

Exercise a woman with abs

I wrote about exercise that you can do to burn cellulite and about yoga workout already, so, I won’t be writing more about it here. If you read those articles you will find out that exercise can be fun and will make you feel good too.


Diet is very important to not only lose weight and cellulite, but to be healthy and happy. But it doesn’t mean you need to starve. If you eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and other fresh foods that contain a lot of fiber, you will feel full and you’ll burn calories and cellulite. I also wrote about top 6 foods that fight cellulite.

Cellulite Creams

Most of the creams unfortunately are a waste of money, but some of them do work. You still need to exercise and eat the right foods to stay free from the cellulite, but some creams can help you get good results fast. You can read more about Do Cellulite Creams Work and check out my Revitol A pretty girlReview.

Other Techniques

As I mentioned before, the surest way to get rid of the cellulite is doing Joey Atlas Movements. You can watch a video about them here or download Free eBook Here (no email required).

Very simple but useful techniques that will help you fight cellulite is simple massage. You can massage yourself before shower every day and it does help. It might seem simplistic, but remember, you need to increase the circulation and redistribute the fat in your body. Massage just does that.

I hope that what I wrote will convince you that you really can get rid of the cellulite and inspire you to take some action and live healthy and happy life. We, women know that it gives a lot of self-confidence when we’re free from ugly cellulite.

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    Great post. And don’t forget, it’s not just cellulite that is a problem. Obesity is problem world wide. Encouraging people to become more healthy and have a better life is a goal we all should strive to achieve.

    I love your examples given about this problem and ways to get rid of it. I’m looking forward to more Posts because you clearly know what you’re talking about!


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      Thank you. You’re right, obesity is a bigger problem, because unlike cellulite, the obesity is bad for health.

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    Yes Sandy, you have got a hot topic here. Women are afraid of it and it is very hard to hide this skin condition. Healthy eating that excludes animal products I think is a key towards defeating this beast so what I recommend is gradually becoming vegan. In terms of superficial measures, did you hear anything about dermarollers?

    1. // Reply

      Hi Margarita,

      Yes being vegan would certainly help a lot.

      I’ve heard about dermarollers, but I have never used them for cellulite, only for acne scars. There’s a lot of hype about them and they are useful for skin problems and stretch marks. They were used originally for skin problems mostly on the face, but nowadays they are marketed as solution for cellulite too. But, I have never read about any research done about dermarollers for cellulite. They might help a little with cellulite, but I’ve never heard about anyone who got rid of cellulite with dermarollers.

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        I see. Dermarollers certainly help with acne and other types of scars.

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