Top 7 Tips on How to Have a Clear Skin

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No matter your state of maturity, acne can be a real nagging problem. While teenagers tend to be bothered by the appearance of pimples on the face, adults who have acne may find it devastating. That is why many people are still concerned about how to have a clear skin. All they want is to have a clear skin. What is it that they should do to prevent and get rid of those pesky pimples? Well, it is not impossible. As an individual, you will have to make some lifestyle changes to pull this off. While some individuals get a clear skin with little or no effort, others must work at it for an entire lifetime.

Here is how to have a clear skin in a simple and clear way:

Stop Eating Junk Food

junk food

Is it hard for you to resist a bugger or pizza after a stressful day at work? It is likely that you are an emotional eater. But it doesn’t end there. Highly-processed foods lead to an unprecedented accumulation of fat under the skin. The result is increased weight and compromised skin health.

If anything processed meats, dairy, and sugar have been shown by research studies to be a major culprit when it comes to poor skin health. Excessive blood sugar is a proven cause of inflammation. Since most of it comes from foods like pasta and potato chips, it is important that you avoid them.

In the place of meat-based diets, it is recommended that you eat more vegetables and fruits with every meal. That is because meat from pregnant cows introduces certain hormones, which promote the build-up of sebum under your skin. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables are anti-inflammatory agents that help enhance skin health.

Cleanse Your Face

Just why should you go to bed with the grime accumulated during the day? Don’t wait until you are tired and ready for bed before you wash your face. Do it as soon as you arrive home. Make it your preferred method of pampering yourself after putting in eight hours at work. Choose an all-natural cleanser or one meant for sensitive skin. They work well on acne-prone skin.

Do Not Pop It!

It is not easy to resist the temptation to pop a whitehead when you notice it in the mirror. While it may give you a lot of satisfaction, popping pimples will only compound matters. It causes scarring, inflammation, and even more acne.

You are better off applying a mixture of water, vinegar, and apple cider on the affected area. This will get rid of all the bacteria without any form of irritation. To completely get over the need to pop pimples, buy a squeeze toy. You will use that to get rid of the craving to pop it.

Change Your Toothpaste

Some people have been advised to be using toothpaste on their blemishes to quickly get rid of them. What they are not aware of is that toothpaste can lead to skin problems. Some side-effects of fluorinated toothpaste include scaling and perioral dermatitis around the mouth.

So, what should you do when you are always having problematic patches in the mouth area? Simply change your toothpaste. Instead of going something fancy, choose a toothpaste you are sure will not expose you to the effects of fluoride.

Avoid and Deal with Stress

women in yoga class

Stress is a silent killer, no matter how you look at it. It causes stress eating, headaches, high blood pressure, and inefficiency at work. Although you may not have exploded emotionally, the biggest sign that you are stressed is the appearance of acne.

Here is how it works. When stressed, your skin tends to go into overdrive gear when it comes to oil production. When this oil gets under the skin, it appears as pimples. Also, the skin of stressed individuals may look increasingly inflamed.

There are many ways of reducing stress. For once, adopt an active lifestyle. Walk for more than 30 minutes daily and enroll in a yoga class. By minimizing stress, you will be able to effectively deal with your acne issues.

Get Enough Sleep

A woman sleeping peacefully

Just how much sleep do you get? It is recommended that you snooze for at least eight hours a day. Your body responds to your sleeping patterns. For instance, if you are fond of sleeping for only a few hours at night, it will show on your face. After all, acne is related to lack of enough rest.

It is simple and clear. Failure to get enough sleep makes you more stressed than usual. That is because it leads to large amounts of cortisol, a stress hormone. More cortisol in your body leads to the increased production of sebum which results in unwanted acne.

So why don’t you simply sleep more? Establish a specific time to go to bed and wake up so that you can have eight hours of sleep and relaxation. Don’t struggle to finish a project overnight. Instead, plan to wake up early to finish it. There is no better way to always feel refreshed and stress-free.

Drink Green Tea

Green Tea in Cups

The benefits of green tea are helping turn it into a favorite of many individuals. It is effective when it comes to boosting exercise endurance, improving bone density, and preventing neurological disorders. Because of its high antioxidant content, green tea helps reduce acne-causing inflammation.

Find a way of making green tea an integral part of your daily indulgences. You can take it in the afternoon if you want. But it must be sugar-free to avoid the formation of the unwanted blemishes.
Having a clear skin is simple and easy. By making a few adjustments to your lifestyle, you should be able to attain the skin you have been looking for.

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